The Default System Configurations

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System Defaults


APP-040 Hardware


The filtration software is set to fully be fully functioning when machine is up and the system administrator has finished the Wizard.

Network settings such as IP addresses, interfaces, transparency, are set according to the initial Wizard configurations.

Network Modes Comparison

Mode Bridge NAT/Route
Transparency Yes No
ARP Reply Mode Replying router IP requests, unknown networks and machine IP requests Replying only machine IP requests
DHCP relay enabled Yes No
Need to change

default gateway on user's computer

No Yes

Some defaults

  • Anti-Phishing/Malware Defence - Enabled
  • Spamhaus Drop List - Disabled
  • Dshield Block List - Disabled
  • DNS Resolving - Disabled
  • Do Not Filter Local Network - Enabled

The Default ‘Anonymous User’ Experience

Without further configuration, your Dynamic Internet Guard solution is configured to deliver the Anonymous User Profile to all users connected over your network.

The default user settings

  • Web Protection Profile: 'LIGHT' - This protection profile blocks blatant pornographic content as well as content themed with extreme violence or sensational behaviour. All remaining content available to this profile passes through NetSpark’s Real-Time Inspection and Quilting processes to ensure inappropriate content within the page is removed before delivery.
  • Protocol Treatments Peer-to-Peer (P2P): Partially Allowed (this means that P2P torrent sites and server clients are accessible, but content uploads/downloads will undergo inspection for known inappropriate content.
  • IM and Chat: Partially Allowed (Within the context of IM and Chat, this means that message content is being monitored. Alerts can be enabled based on this monitoring of content).
  • Mail: Fully Allowed (This refers to access to desktop mail applications such as Microsoft Outlook).
  • Other: Fully Allowed (This means that any protocol not explicitly defined in the other profile settings is allowed).
  • Time of Day Internet Access: Not Enabled – No schedule is implemented to restrict Web access.
  • Secure Site Inspection: Not Enabled - Secure sites are not subject to NetSpark’s Real- Time Inspection and Quilting processes.
  • Instant Messaging and Chat: Not Enabled - None of the alert or logging features are enabled in response to IM or Chat transmission content.
  • Website Exceptions: Not Enabled - The Profile Black List and White List have not been populated.
  • Admin: Alerts Not Enabled - Alerts providing notification of changes to profile settings or unsuccessful access attempts are not enabled.
IMPORTANT: To enable Admin Alerts or those related to the Chat & IM feature, you will need to first configure the SMTP and SMS server definitions in the Management Console, under Content Filtering > Alert Settings.

The Anonymous User Profile can be edited in the Management Console under Content Filtering > User Profile Management (username = ‘default’).

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