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The Internet, the greatest source of knowledge ever assembled, is an essential tool for those interested in becoming effective and relevant in the modern world. Along with its great potential, however, the Internet poses risks. Increasingly, parents are looking for ways to protect their children - and themselves - from content they deem inappropriate. Internet users interested in family-friendly or workplace-appropriate Internet (free of harmful content such as adult content and extreme violence) can turn to software solutions but these programs are unpopular because they are easy to circumvent, are unresponsive to today's dynamic Internet environment and demand too much technological expertise. With harmful content often found in the most unlikely places online, many are left without the freedom to choose which content will be allowed, or prevented from entering, into their homes.

NetSpark's groundbreaking solution is providing them with this choice.

The Dynamic Internet Guard family of solutions has been developed to provide a flexible, reliable answer for the delivery of appropriate and safe Internet use whether the end-user is at home, on the go, at a school, or in the office.

The company's unique technological approach goes a step further by providing advanced Internet filtering solutions for installation directly on your company or school's local network, or for implementation at the level of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) for distribution to a regional customer base, allowing ISPs to add a revenue stream and differentiate themselves from competitors.

The Dynamic Internet Guard offers a cutting-edge solution for advanced Internet filtering, protecting users from harmful content such as pornography, predatory activity and extreme violence. With its unique, patent-pending Quilting technology, Dynamic Internet Guard is able to identify and remove undesirable web content, and deliver only the remaining, valuable content to the end user. This dynamic, real-time inspection and filtering of content maintains the same look and feel as the original page, without sacrificing access to content on the Web, making the Dynamic Internet Guard the only Web filtering solution relevant for today's dynamic Web.

For more information, visit www.netspark.com

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